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About us

Who we are

We are a group of real estate giants who want to make investing in real estate accessible to almost everyone by offering shares of property and employing transparent and secure transactions through the use of smart contracts and real estate blockchain technology.


We launched ProperT because we felt the real estate investment industry was ripe for revolutionary change.

Our Network

ProperT has a huge Real Estate Dealer and Agents Network which has been working for many years and is increasing everyday through Live Events , Seminars and Webinars.


Our Dealers/Agents are the most experienced, well-connected real estate agents in your area. They help you better understand the local market, so you can make smart real estate decisions.


We also have in-house InvestorMonks(IM) who are investment experts and will guide you at each step.




We are building a community of ‘earners’ which believes in mutual benefit & trust.

Our Values

It’s clear that interest in real estate investing is booming, but what is also clear is that it can be enormously difficult — not to mention risky — for an individual to invest in a single property. A much easier solution, we noticed, was fractional owners with profits distributed either at the time of sale or monthly through leasing revenue. We also realised that the entire process could be enormously simplified through the use of smart contracts, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency.

Our goal is to build a community of earners around the world and make investing easier through our platform.

We are ready to shake the industry up and democratise the investment process. Are you?