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We locate undervalued properties and convert them into luxury homes and apartments, then auction those rehabbed properties. Investors contribute to the purchase price and renovation costs, then split the proceeds after the sale.


STEP 1 : Discovering Potential
Property & Valuation

We discover potential properties and calculate the capital expenditure to convert them into luxurious homes and apartments (which can significantly increase the property's value).

STEP 2 : Crowdfunding round

This property is now ready for crowdfunding on our website and mobile app where YOU as investor can invest and become shareholder of the property. Every property in maximise program comes with a "Hold Period" which indicates the average maximum time the property will be listed for auction.


Once the Crowdfunding is successful, You (Investors) need to sign the agreements for that specific property. You can sign these electronically through our website and mobile app. Investors Monks will always be there to assist you.


After Signing of the Agreement ,the ownership documents will be uploaded on Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website.

You will receive an email notification with all your investment details and can also check in your dashboard.

STEP 5 : Property Makeover
& Auction listing

The property goes under renovation and then gets listed for auction. Once listed for auction , Potential buyers from all over the world will be able to bid on these properties.

STEP 6 : Property Marketing

ProperT has a huge Network of Agents , Investors , Dealers , Brokers & Homebuyers with its own in-house incredible Sales team , which ensures lots of buyers & homeowners to bid at these auctions.

Step 7 : Property Sold & Payouts

After the property is sold at the auction , all investors get the payout according to their share they had invested.


In Real Estate, Property potential is gauged by several factors like Location, Circle Rate, upcoming Developments, Orientation, View & neighbourhood.

At ProperT, we discover Real Estate within promising developing localities, and finds a raw or unfurnished property with high growth potential and avail it at a cheaper price than the market rate.

For example , ProperT will acquire property of worth $110,000 at a special price (Lets say at $100,000 ) , Our team will spend $25000 (Capital Expenditure) on refurbishing it, to increase & boost the investment returns.

This property is now ready for crowdfunding (at $125,000 = $1,00,000 + $25,000 (Cap-Ex), through our website and mobile application.

Jason is an investor , who invests $25,000 in this property during the crowdfunding round and becomes 20% shareholder of the property.

After crowdfunding the property will be refurbished. Once the refurbishing is completed , the property is ready to go for auction ,

the property gets sold for $175,000 at the auction.

So , Jason made $10,000 as a profit (20% share = $35,000 - $25,000(Initial investment)).


Investment starting from

Sold out

Listing type : Maximize

Hold Period : 1 Year